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Advocacy in Action: January 2010

ACE endorses Biofuels Benchmarking program

We are pleased to announce that the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) has chosen to endorse the Biofuels Benchmarking program provided to the ethanol industry by Christianson & Associates, PLLP (C&A).

This relationship with C&A will provide us with industry data that will allow ACE and others to more persuasively advocate on behalf of the ethanol industry. Having more up-to-date data will help us fight for your interests.

We are encouraging our members to consider joining this subscription service for two reasons:

First, ethanol producers will gain invaluable insight to improve their company by comparing more than 90 financial and operational performance factors to the industry average and to leaders in the industry.

Second, as an industry we will work with C&A to accumulate accurate and timely industry data to inform the media and policymakers. Using this data, ACE can more effectively work on your behalf to convey to government agencies, lawmakers, and the media that our industry is indeed efficient, sustainable, and using technological innovations to get better every day.

Current and future support for ethanol by policymakers is and will be focused on sustainability factors, greenhouse gas carbon footprint issues, and our industry’s ability to be the “low-carbon” fuel of choice. This benchmark data will help our industry be much more proactive with public relations strategies that go on offense to support ethanol and help us to better respond to misinformation spread by our critics in the media.

The Biofuels Benchmarking program, which started in the fall of 2003, is an analysis tool for ethanol producers designed to improve performance and enhance your bottom line. This confidential subscription service will allow you to measure your performance on a quarterly basis compared to the industry or your peer groups defined by production size, geographic location, or many other factors.

C&A is offering a special offer to ACE members by reducing the pricing by $1,000 for the first year’s annual subscription fee. In order to take advantage of this special offer, please let C&A know you are an ACE member when you contact them.

Visit the “Biofuels Services” section of Christianson and Associates website to learn more about what C&A can offer. Information is also listed on ACE’s website,, under the menu options “Ethanol Facilities” and under “Brochures and Publications.”

ACE reaches out at agriculture events

In December, ACE staff members Chuck Beck and Sara Eiesland attended the South Dakota Soybean Association’s 2010 Ag Outlook Conference and Trade Show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The event featured discussions on crop production, the economy, and financial strategies to protect commodity growers, plus the opportunity to meet with potential new grassroots members.

This month staff members Kristin Brekke and Shannon Gustafson are looking forward to participating in the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2010 Annual Meeting to be held in Seattle on January 10-13. More than 5,000 Farm Bureau members from across the country are expected to attend, and ACE is excited to exhibit at this show for the first time and share ethanol’s story with this grassroots farm association. If you are planning to attend this conference, please stop by the ACE booth or contact Kristin or Shannon prior to the event to arrange a meeting.

Also this month, Brian Jennings will be attending the Minnesota Corn Growers Association’s Minnesota AgExpo to hear from the state’s corn growers and discuss ACE’s efforts to work toward biofuels policies that help grow the marketplace for corn and for ethanol.

ACE writes to Obama Administration on the Biofuels Interagency Working Group

In November, ACE sent a letter to the Obama Administration officials responsible for implementing the President’s Biofuels Interagency Working Group (BIWG) directive. The letter pointed out the consequential policy issues that will face biofuels in 2010 and asked that the BIWG become more fully engaged on the issues to help define a future where biofuels can help drive job creation, restore economic security to rural communities, and help us move from foreign oil.

In the letter, ACE emphasized the importance of Officials Vilsack, Chu, and Jackson engaging the group “in all these issues in the coming months, convening meetings with key stakeholders, and developing Administration policy positions that will foster greater energy security for America, the creation of high-skill, high-wage green jobs in the biofuels sector, and progress toward a clean energy economy. The full letter is available on ACE’s website,

ACE “Members Only” section contains useful information on hot topics

The ACE office is often asked for information or presentations on different ethanol topics, and we’ve made it easy for members to access this type of information by creating a library in the “Members Only” section on Multiple powerpoint presentations are stored here and can be used by members to learn more or when speaking about ethanol at community events. Topics covered include water use, food and fuel, ethanol basics, efficiencies, and more.

The presentations are available for ACE members to download as-is or may be supplemented with your own material. Members who would like help logging in to the site may contact Sara Eiesland at [email protected] or 605-334-3381 ext. 10.

ACE seeks feedback from members on social media

ACE values the opinions of our grassroots members, and we hope you will help us strengthen our ethanol presence in the world of social media by taking a brief survey.

The survey is found online at or through a link in the front-page News Feed at It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

The survey is meant to gauge people’s familiarity with social media, and specifically ACE’s presence online at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Ethanol Collective, and more. Your responses to the survey will help us more effectively convey ethanol’s message to the public through these mediums. Thanks for your support!

ACE releases 2010 Ethanol Today media kit

ACE has now released the 2010 media kits for Ethanol Today magazine, including the editorial calendar for the upcoming year. Ten issues will explore industry topics that impact your company, customers, and community. The Ethanol Today staff is committed to proactively addressing the latest in public policy, market development, and grassroots advocacy.

Whether you’re a loyal advertiser in Ethanol Today or looking forward to reaching out to the grassroots voices of the ACE community, now is the time to dive into advertising on one of the industry’s most trusted resources for ethanol news. All U.S. ethanol producers (ACE members and non-members), all Members of Congress and Governors, and all ACE membership categories receive Ethanol Today.

Visit to view the editorial calendar and to learn more about advertising special packages, rates, sizes, and new ways to reach the ethanol audience in print and online. Any questions? Contact Lacey at [email protected].

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