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ACE Publishes Map of Ethanol Blender Pump Locations
by Sara Eiesland

As more and more gas stations have committed to consumer choice through the installation of blender pumps, mid-range blends of ethanol are becoming more widely available. To assist motorists in locating these ethanol blends, the American Coalition for Ethanol has constructed a map through that details the locations of all ethanol blender pumps in the nation.

To view the map, visit and click on the Quick Link for “Mid-Range Blends” on the right-hand side. Follow the link at the top of that page.

“There are plenty of sites for consumers to click on and identify where to get E85 fuel,” said Ron Lamberty, ACE Vice President / Market Development. “ This map offers consumers a way to locate a fueling station that offers a different and innovative way to fuel a flex-fuel vehicle .”

While ACE completed extensive research to create an accurate map, the organization encourages people to help keep the map as updated as possible by notifying them of new blender pump locations. Please contact Chuck Beck at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with any new information.

Ethanol blender pumps can currently be found at 40 gas stations, most located in South Dakota and Minnesota, and now one in Kansas.

Earlier this year, ACE published “Blending Better Solutions,” the industry’s most comprehensive and detailed guide to ethanol blender pumps, E85, and mid-range blends. To request a copy of the guide, contact the ACE office at (605) 334-3381.

Blender pumps draw fuel from two underground tanks – one for E85 and one for unleaded – and combine them in varying percentages to create mid-range blends such as E20, E30, and E40 for use in flexible fuel vehicles. For more information, visit ACE online at

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