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ACE's Advocacy in Action
by Lacey Dixon

Biofuels Financial Conference features Jennings

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings joined the program of speakers for the Christianson and Associates 5th Annual Biofuels Financial Conference in Minneapolis on June 24-25. The event included panel discussions on commodity risk management, leadership practices, business analysis, and technical and industry updates. Jennings spoke during the business analysis portion of the program, which covered financial analysis and modeling tools and outlined considerations in a volatile marketplace.

Lamberty speaks to North Dakota retailers about new blender pump program

Last month, ACE’s Ron Lamberty spoke on mid-level ethanol blends at the Upper Midwest Petroleum Marketers BioFuel Seminar, a workshop held on June 25 in Fargo. With the North Dakota Legislature’s passage of a bill to launch a Biofuel Blender Pump Incentive Fund, the event was a good opportunity to talk to petroleum marketers about equipment, tax credit qualification, interest rate buy-down programs, and special pricing programs.

The state’s Department of Commerce will administer the new blender pump fund, providing cost-share grants of up to $5,000 per pump to fuel retailers to install biofuel blender pumps and associated equipment.

Clean Air Choice Team supports ethanol use through new website

The Clean Air Choice Team in Minnesota is teaming up with a new local media venue to promote the benefits of ethanol use. A new interactive website, www.LiveGreenTwinCities, will promote the environmental and health benefits of using E85 in flex-fuel vehicles and biodiesel in diesel vehicles.

The site by Hubbard Broadcasting provides a wealth of information on simple ways to live a greener lifestyle. The American Lung Association of Minnesota will be providing stories and feature ideas for the website through July 31.

ACE brings ethanol update to Wisconsin air show

The EAA’s (Experimental Aircraft Association) 2009 Air Venture event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will not only showcase new aircraft technologies, but will also provide an opportunity for ACE to share the latest information on ethanol and fuel regulations that impact aviators.

On behalf of ACE and Fagen, Inc., Ron Lamberty will participate in the event to give public policy updates, address common misconceptions about ethanol, and explain the value of higher ethanol blends. In addition to his presentation “Current Fuel Regulations and the Impact on General Aviation,” Lamberty will answer questions from attendees at the event’s ethanol exhibit on July 27-28.

ACE creates ethanol channel on YouTube

During your next visit to the popular website YouTube, stop by and look at the new “channel” created by the American Coalition for Ethanol. The channel is a way to bring together all the YouTube videos posted by ACE in one location. The videos include recent press conference appearances by Executive VP Brian Jennings, footage of the E15 rally in Watertown, South Dakota, and a video encouraging people to sign ACE’s E15 petition on

ACE to be featured at BioFuels Journal workshop in Sioux Falls

BioFuels Journal’s second annual Commercial Ethanol Technology & Research Workshop will bring those interested in renewable fuel advancements to Sioux Falls, South Dakota this October 28-29. Among the presenters, ACE’s Brian Jennings will give timely policy updates, including on the pending E15 waiver request, the RFS2 rulemaking process, and climate and energy legislation in Congress. More information can be found at

New forum on Ethanol Collective invites discussion about using ethanol blends in small engines

The social network has a new discussion forum called “I Use Ethanol,” and the website is seeking comments from people who have used ethanol blends in small engines like boats, generators, or lawn mowers.

In the context of the discussion about E15, the media has circulated stories of ethanol blends damaging small engines, especially boats. Ethanol Collective wants to hear your stories today. Visit to read the current posts under “I Use Ethanol,” then join as an Ethanol Collective member (doing so is free and takes less than five minutes) to post your own story or your comments to others’ posts.

Jennings to speak at biomass conference

Brian Jennings will join other industry leaders to speak on important topics in biomass and biofuels production at the Biomass ’09 Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop in Grand Forks, North Dakota on July 14-15. Biomass gasification, end-product application, climate change, and carbon recycling will be among the topics discussed at the event, organized the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center.

ACE market development program reaches country’s largest fuel markets

ACE will travel to San Antonio later this month for the Texas Food and Fuel Expo, an opportunity to discuss the advantages of ethanol and mid-range blend infrastructure in one of the country’s largest fuel markets. This fall’s travel schedule includes the Pacific Oil Conference in Reno, Nevada in mid-September, an event marking the group’s 50th anniversary.

The largest petroleum marketer event of the season is the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) conference and trade show in Las Vegas on October 21-23. ACE looks forward to bringing the ethanol message to this venue again this year, a chance to answer questions from thousands of fuel marketers from all across the country.

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