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Industry Innovator: Insight Marketing Design
by Candy Van Dam

Sounds of whistles and crossing bells from the neighboring train yard. The constant hum of the network servers and the sounds of clicking computer mice over the office’s background music.

This is Insight Marketing Design, a group of creative individuals focused on one thing – building big brands. This eclectic mix of designers, illustrators, writers, editors, web programmers, and strategic marketing executives work together in a renovated warehouse located in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Insight’s team takes an enthusiastic approach to develop the brand of every one of their clients.

“We immerse ourselves in our clients’ industries. We study research to know the dynamics of the consumer. And then we set the creative process in motion to deliver brands that are relevant and unique,” said Candy Van Dam, Client Service Director and Partner.

Insight Marketing Design is proud to be the marketing partner of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE). Each month Insight works with the ACE editorial staff to design and produce Ethanol Today, the magazine you’re reading right now. In addition to creating the magazine, Insight designed ACE’s primary websites, and, and develops the organization’s annual conference materials.

“We’ve built the agency on the idea that advertising that’s more creative produces better results,” said Doug Moss, Creative Director and Partner. “We look at each campaign and each project as an opportunity to help our clients reach their goals and outpace their competition.”

In 2007, ACE asked Insight Marketing Design to assist in rebranding the 25-year-old ethanol organization. “We developed a new logo, new identity system, print collateral, and signage,” Moss said. “It was critical to maintain the American flag theme in the logo, but we wanted to provide a clean, contemporary look for ACE as the organization entered its next 25 years.”

Reaction to the new logo was uniformly positive, he notes. “Some people saw the shape of a car in the new logo, others saw a crop field. It was intentionally designed to convey both images.”

Shortly after the ACE rebranding, Insight developed a new logo and identity for Missouri Corn Growers Association.

“Missouri Corn’s logo was dated – and very similar to other corn grower associations’ logos,” said Clara Jacob, Creative Service Director at Insight. “We gave the logo new energy and a fresh, more vibrant color palette. We followed the logo redesign with a new website design.” The site can be viewed at

The general public got its first look at the new logo on a series of ethanol promotion billboards that went up throughout Missouri.

“Insight works with clients who want help in refreshing their images, their logos, or their entire brands,” Van Dam said. The agency finds it exciting to reinvent companies through visual icons, new names, and other elements. The first step in the process, she said, is a branding session where the client’s key stakeholders meet with agency members.

“We’re looking for the company’s brand personality, recurring themes, or the vision of who they want to become. We take that information back to the agency, and develop the new brand based on our client’s input.

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